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Peppa Pig World

One of the most iconic and beloved children’s characters of the last decade has to be the incomparable, Peppa Pig.

Proving so popular with young families, it was only a matter of time before Peppa made her foray into the theme park world. RMA were delighted to be tasked with helping to bring her world to life at Paultons Park.

The first phase of Peppa Pig World opened in 2011, featuring several family-based attractions all themed to Peppa’s world.

This charming land proved so popular that Peppa Pig World was expanded in 2018 to include two new rides and a restaurant along with improved visitor flow and new character details.

Once again, RMA were responsible for the overall master-planning, design and construction of the land.

Working closely with E-One (the brand owners), RMA brought the characters to life through new 3-Dimensional sculpts and carefully selected attractions to showcase the characters and allow young families the chance to experience the land in its entirety.