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Lost Kingdom, Paultons Park

The world of the dinosaurs has always held a deep fascination for both children and adults alike, so bringing to life an adventurous new world for Paultons Park was an exciting challenge.

The new land, Lost Kingdom was opened at Paultons Park in 2016 and has become a firm favourite with visitors.

The land provides a richly detailed journey back in time, featuring two roller coasters, several kids rides and a family-based Jeep expedition through a lush world filled with animatronic dinosaurs.

RMA were responsible for the overall master-planning, design and theming of Lost Kingdom.

Recreating a prehistoric land is no small task: every detail was considered in the design and construction of Lost Kingdom, including the vast array of rockwork that anchors the land.

Lost Kingdom is a great example of the strengths of RMA: a great story, a richly detailed world and fun and memorable thrills for the whole family.